Cutting Edge Technology

UnlimiterHear offers the newest technologies within our products seamlessly integrated into our hardware, firmware, and apps including:

EarCommand™ – Mobile virtual assistant for smart headphones
EarEQ™ – Enjoy music tailored to how you hear
EarSafe™ – Dynamic loudness protection as you enjoy your music
EarClarity™ – Speech clarity enhanced to your special hearing curve

EarCommand™ – Mobile virtual assistant for smart headphones

Although virtual assistants like Siri has been available via Bluetooth headsets, the even more popular Amazon Alexa has been confined to Wifi Speakers. We have implemented firmware and software architecture that allows users to access Alexa with the press of a button on their Bluetooth headset while utilizing internet signal from their cell phone even when the phone is in their pocket and the application is in the background so users can enjoy the full range of smart home and virtual assistant capabilities at the press of a button. Learn more...

EarEQ™ – Headphones calibrated to your ears for ultimate music enjoyment

Every ear has different frequency sensitivities, we calibrate your hearing profile through various frequencies and loudness and customize music tailored to how you unique ears hear for an unparalleled listening experience. Learn more...



EarSafe™ – Dynamic loudness protection while you listen to music

According to the Noish standards, audio at 85dB can be enjoyed for for 8 hours while audio at 103dB can only be listened to 7 minutes 30 seconds before hearing damage can occur evidenced by an increase of 30-40% hearing impairment among teenagers. Our algorithm dynamically calibrates each piece of music and makes sure time and volume allotted stays within a safe range while our patent pending process of reducing volume over time allows for imperceptible protection and continuous music enjoyment while remaining protected.

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EarClarity™ – Frequency customization for maximum speech clarity

For those with slight or moderate hearing impairment, high frequency sounds like S and F disappear within speech in news, over the phone, and conversations. 70% of hearing impairment is actually due to high frequency loss and most hearing assistance only resolve volume based challenges. Our algorithm can distinguish vowels from high frequency consonants within 1.5ms and shift the necessary sounds within hearing range with minimal distortion for maximum speech clarity and comprehension within the portability of a Bluetooth headset.

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