What is MFA Inside


  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 – Taiwan 1st Place Winner
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 World Citizenship Competition – 2nd Place Winner in the world finals (Compete with 71 countries and 500,000 engineers).
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 Special Award: United Nations Women‘s Empowerment Award – 2nd Place Winner.
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup Grants 2013 –  Grand Prize Winner

  • Key Technology

    MFA was developed using advanced audio technology that integrates acoustics, mathematics, physics, and linguistics. MFA can be executed within different CPU, DSP, and OS platforms.

  • Real-Time Detection

    In 1.5 millisecond, MFA can detect and analyze High Definition Voice from 20Hz-20,000Hz and identify high frequency consonants then process it in real-time with minimal distortion and maximum clarity giving 3G voice 4G wide band quality and allowing those with hearing loss to hear frequencies necessary for maximum speech comprehension.

  • World’s first algorithm

    MFA is the world’s first algorithm that can perform millisecond detection of high frequency consonants and customize hearing chart and word specific frequency shifts and sound amplification. “MFA Inside” provides IP licensing that can help billions of people who desire maximum speech clarity.

  • Performance

    MFA compared with the 6 major brands of hearing aids:

    • In clinical trials MFA outperformed hearing aids in high frequency detection by an average of 40%
    • 20% average improvement over hearing aids for discrimination for high frequency sounds like “s” and “f”
  • Patented Algorithm

    90 Audio related patents have been applied with 28 granted. Patent regions include Europe, United States, China, Japan and other countries.

    • Method And Hearing aids Of Enhancing sound Accuracy heard By A Hearing-impaired person (US Patent #8,582,792 B2)
    • Method And Hearing Aid Of Enhancing Sound Accuracy Heard By A Hearing-Impaired Listener (US Patent granted Publish# 201210301908.7)
    • Method Of Processing Telephone Voice Output, Software Product Processing Telephone Voice, And Electronic Device With Phone Function) impaired Person   (US Patent #8,891,738 B2)
    • Hearing Aid And Method Of Enhancing Speech Output In Real Time (China Patent received)