About UnlimiterHear

  • Unlimiter Incorporated was founded in 1997. The company has more than 100 patents on various applications within Assistive Technology including hearing, communication, software, learning, hardware, and design. Clients without normal speech capabilities have been trained to utilize and communicate with customized tablets and infrared pens available in 19 different languages while those with hearing impairment have been assisted in hearing sounds and improving speech with methods superior to currently available technologies.
  • In 2008, Unlimiter Incorporated begin to research hearing loss and how to improve hearing ability.  MFA (Millisecond Frequency Adjustment) was developed as a hearing solution to ensure everyone has access to full hearing ability.
  • In October 2014, Unlimiter Incorporated transferred 30 hearing related patents including MFA (Millisecond Frequency Adjustment), DRC (Dynamic Range Compression), and noise reduction algorithms as well as its hearing development team to UnlimiterHear Incorporated.
  • UnlimiterHear has been developing Bluetooth hearing aids that embed the proprietary audio algorithm inside the Bluetooth chip since 2014 January. Self-fitting hearing tests will allow users to quickly get their hearing charts and have customized gain automatically adjusted and programmed for their Bluetooth hearing aids. The Bluetooth capabilities will also allow them enjoy TV, music, and talking on the cell phone with enhanced audio clarity.

Our specialization

Hearing Aids / PSAP /Smartphone solutions
Hardware / Firmware Solution
App and Cloud Service


  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 World Citizenship Competition – 2nd Place Winner in the world finals (Compete with 71 countries and 500,000 engineers).
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 Special Award: United Nations Women‘s Empowerment Award – 2nd Place Winner.
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup Grants 2013 –  Grand Prize Winner

Management Team

  • Current there are 12 team members including 8 involved in research and development.
  • There are six high level consultants in fields related to business, marketing, manufacturing, software, hardware, and hearing aids.
<p><center>Dr. Kuo-Ping Yang</center>

Dr. Kuo-Ping Yang


Dr. Yang received his Ed.D. degree in technology in education at the John Hopkins University. He has over 100 patents internationally and 36 of patents related to hearing. He was the vice director at JHU Technology in Education Center and consultant for various places, such as IBM Computer Education in North East USA.

<p><center>Samuelson Young</center>

Samuelson Young

Vice Chairman

Sam Young is UnlimiterHear Vice Chairman and has over 30 years experience in information technology, financial services and business management.. His held positions including Studio A Vice Chairman, and various business position in IBM Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and China. He was promoted to Vice President of the Financial Services Sector of IBM Asia Pacific in 2001.

<p><center>Dr. Shi-Wei Sun</center>

Dr. Shi-Wei Sun


Dr. Shih-Wei Sun received his Materials Science and Engineering Ph.D at Northwestern University. Dr. Sun served as the Vice Chairman of United Microelectronics Corporation from 2012. He is board member of Singapore’s A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology & Research), He was previously the CEO of UMC, and prior to that he served as Chief Operating Officer accountable for 12-inch operations and business.

<p><center>James Lin</center>

James Lin


James has over 30 years of semiconductor industry experience. James Lin serves as the Chief Executive Officer at ISSC(Integrated System Solution Corp). He was Assistant Vice President for Nuvoton Technology Prdouct Center, and Manager of IC development for ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) . Mr. Lin received his Electronic Engineering M.E.E at National Chiao Tung University.

<p><center>Tony Huang</center>

Tony Huang


Tony has over 30 years semiconductor industry experience. He was Assistant Vice President for Nuvoton Technology Sales Center, and Assistant Vice President for WinBond Electronics Sales Center. Chief Executive Officer for Winbond Shanghai. He was the Chairman of the WSTS (World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Asia-Pacific). Lead member of TSIA (Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association). Mr. Huang received his Electronic Engineering B.E.E at Taiwan Chung Yuan Christian University.

<p><center>Neo Young</center>

Neo Young

Design Manager

Neo received his Psychology degree from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. He is responsible for inventing the hearing algorithm formula of the MFA inside project. Prior to this position, he has been worked on information and communication development and has received 18 patents world wide.